Reporter preferences

Help me learn about your particular style by filling out the form below.

If you don’t see your preferred option for a question, please make note of it in the text area at the very end of the survey.

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Comma before final "too" (She was there, too.)
Slashes in date (04/21/19)
Dashes in date (04–21-19)
Capitalize “Counsel” if it can be replaced by a name (Repeat that, Counsel/John.)
Hyphens between inch-and-a-half
Capitalize the following: North, South, East, West (Up North / up north)
If witness says "eight o'clock"
If witness says “two million dollars”
Which do you prefer in an answer to a question?
Which do you prefer for specific pages, lines, sections, volume numbers, etc.?
Choose two.
Which comma series style do you prefer?
Which do you prefer when a speaker does NOT say the word “dollar” with the first dollar amount in a series of dollar amounts, but it is clear that the speaker is referring to currency?
When a speaker does not say the decade (e.g. does not say “ninety”), which do you prefer?
Do you like [sic] to be written in the transcript when the speaker is clearly misstating a name or date, for instance?
When witness spells out a word (e.g. My name is spelled A-D-A-M.)
Choose two.
Series of short questions
After colloquy, the attorney resumes his Q&A
Date form (comma or no comma)
“Correct” or “right” at the end of a question
“Is that right” or “is that correct” at the end of a question
Question at the end of a sentence
When referring to decades
Objection preference in colloquy
When referring to exhibit numbers
Choose one for every group.

Please send me a sample of a final transcript as well as parenthetical preferences for read back, off the record, etc.