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e.g. Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters
Slashes in date (04/21/19)
Dashes in date (04–21-19)
Hyphens between inch-and-a-half
If witness says "eight o'clock"
If witness says “two million dollars”
Which do you prefer for specific pages, lines, sections, volume numbers, etc.?
Choose two.
Which do you prefer when a speaker does NOT say the word “dollar” with the first dollar amount in a series of dollar amounts, but it is clear that the speaker is referring to currency?
When a speaker does not say the decade (e.g. does not say “ninety”), which do you prefer?
Date form (comma or no comma)
When referring to decades
When referring to exhibit numbers
Capitalize “Counsel” if it can be replaced by a name (Repeat that, Counsel/John.)
Capitalize the following: North, South, East, West (Up North / up north)
Which comma series style do you prefer?
Comma before final "too" (She was there, too.)
Which do you prefer in an answer to a question?
Do you like [sic] to be written in the transcript when the speaker is clearly misstating a name or date, for instance?
When witness spells out a word (e.g. My name is spelled A-D-A-M.)
Choose two.
Series of short questions
After colloquy, the attorney resumes his Q&A
“Correct” or “right” at the end of a question
“Is that right” or “is that correct” at the end of a question
Question at the end of a sentence
Objection preference in colloquy
Choose one for every group.