What court reporters can expect from proofreaders who correct PDF files


❔FAQ❔ As a court reporter, what can I expect when I team up with a proofreader who corrects transcripts in PDF format?

ANSWER – The reporter emails me, the proofreader, a PDF of the entire transcript. I return an annotated PDF with errors marked in red text and yellow highlighting. I only return pages that have errors on them. So you might send me 50 pages, and I send you back 25 pages – only the pages where I made corrections. I also circle in red each line number where I find an error so that you won't be searching too hard for each correction. You go through the annotated PDF while you have the transcript open in your software. You have complete control over which corrections you’re going to implement.

In March I proofread for a few reporters who asked for clarification about PDF proofreading. I hope this explanation clears things up and encourages other reporters who have never worked with proofreaders like me to give our services a try. How would it feel to not have to go over that 400-page job with a fine-tooth comb yourself? 🙌🙏 You’re always welcome to 30 FREE transcript pages to test out the proofing skills of yours truly. 🔎💪

Have you ever asked for help from a PDF proofreader? Do you prefer corrections be made directly in your software? Do you work with scopists or proofreaders at all? Feel free to leave your thoughts below!